MacVoices #879: Galen Gruman of InfoWorld Discusses Macs in the Enterprise Market

Galen Gruman
The attitudes about Macs in the enterprise market are changing, and Galen Gruman, the Executive Editor of of InfoWorld, talks about some of the contributing factors. Galen discusses how the success of Firefox, cloud computing virtualization, parity of maintenance costs and more have made Macs more welcome in corporate IT. Galen explains how Microsoft has both helped and hurt the cause, detours to discuss Windows Vista, why InfoWorld is trying to save Windows XP, and what Microsoft could learn from Apple about major operating system transitions. The iPhone isn’t left out of the party, and Galen outlines why it doesn’t face the same challenges in penetrating the enterprise market as the Mac.


Why ‘no Macs’ is no longer a defensible IT strategy by Galen Gruman on InfoWorld