MacNotables #819: Adam Engst on 18 Years of TidBITS, Apple’s Quarterly Results and the Blue Snowflake Microphone

Adam EngstTidBITS is celebrating 18 years of Mac journalistic excellence, and Adam Engst talks about some of the things that make their publication special and how their style helped set trends in tech journalism. Age and experience changes perspective, and Adam explains how those factors affect what you read in TidBITS, how things have changed, and how they’ve stayed the same. Adam also provides some analysis of Apple’s quarterly financial results, including a discussion of their cash reserves, what could be done with them, and how Apple apparently has moved into the lead in yet another retail statistic. Also, as part of the whole show, Adam and Chuck deliver a live performance review of the Blue Snowflake Compact microphone. Find out how it sounds and whether it suits what you do.


Blue Snowflake Compact USB Condenser Microphone

USB Microphone Snowball

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