MacVoices #8105: Ben and Jon Gotow Discuss NetSketch, the Only Vector-Based Drawing Program for the iPhone

In the first-ever MacVoices father and son interview, Ben Gotow, the developer of NetSketch, and his dad, Jon Gotow of St. Clair Software, introduce the only vector-based drawing program for the iPhone and iPod touch. Ben discusses the rich set of capabilities of NetSketch, including the ability to zoom in and out with no loss of quality, a canvas that goes far beyond the device screen, and the extensive collaboration features that turn the program into something much more than just a place to draw. Your creations aren’t trapped on the device; by using their web service, NetSketch images can be exported as either EPS or JPEG files to be further edited on the desktop. Ben and Jon also discuss Ben’s experiences as a first-time developer on a first-time platform, the challenges they faced in beta-testing the program, and more.

Ben Gotow Jon Gotow
Ben Gotow Jon Gotow


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