MacNotables #829: Ted Landau Reviews the Latest on Jailbreaking the iPhone 2.0

Ted Landau

When Mac troubleshooting legend Ted Landau got his new new iPhone 3G, one of the first things he did was to jailbreak it. Should you? Ted talks about the two reasons you might consider jailbreaking your iPhone, whether it is a new 3G or an original Edge model, and the two categories of software that still require a jailbroken phone. What you lose (or don’t) by jailbreaking, what Ted misses from the original first round of unsanctioned iPhone apps (that no longer work with the 2.0 software), and why the incentive just isn’t there to create those programs are all part of Ted’s analysis, along with why some highly coveted features are best left to Apple to implement.


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User Friendly Blog by Ted Landau – Jailbreaking iPhone 2.0 works (but?) by Ted Landau on The Mac Observer


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