MacVoices #8104: Yuval Koren of Eye-Fi Profiles the Eye-Fi Explore SD Memory Card and What It Adds to Your Digital Camera

Yuval Koren
Want to add some useful capabilities to your existing digital camera? Yuval Koren, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Eye-Fi profiles their entire product like of digital memory cards that let any SD card-capable digital camera wirelessly upload photos to your Mac (or PC) or to your favorite photo-sharing web site. Yuval talks about how their latest edition, the Eye-Fi Explore, adds geotagging to the mix, assigning latitude, longitude and more to the photo’s meta-data. How all this works, the benefits of using the Skyhook Wireless geolocation service, the inclusion of a 1-year wifi hotspot membership with the Eye-Fi Explore and more are explained in our discussion with Yuval that you need to hear before buying your next memory card.


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