MacVoices #22060: Josh Centers On His New Site, Apple Buying Advice

Josh Centers has launched a new web site that all of us should consult at one time or another. Apple Buying Advice covers the major Apple product lines, and is being expanded as new products and revisions are released. Josh talks about the genesis of the site, digs deep into how he approaches recommendations, and the variety of M1 Macs now available. We also cover his thoughts on the Mac Studio, the Studio Display and some of the other Apple product lines. 


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Show Notes:


Apple: Design Macs for Other Types of Professionals by Adam Engst on TidBITS


Josh Centers is the Managing Editor of TidBITS and the publisher of Apple Buying Advice. He’s also an occasional contributor to Macworld, Boing Boing, and The Sweethome. You can keep up with him on Twitter, and his blog at


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