MacVoices #21085: Joshua Davies of FXhome on CamTrackAR for Mobile Video Production

What if your iPhone or iPad could be a a 3D tracking, previz, and virtual production tool? It can! Joshua Davies, the founder and CEO of FXhome, introduces us to CamTrackAR, their iOS/iPadOS app that does just that. You may have already had a taste if you watched Apple’s Spring Loaded event; CamTrackAR was one of the apps featured. Josh talks about why their appearance meant so much to him before digging in to that CamTrackAR can do for video creators who want to incorporate virtual backgrounds and 3D objects into their projects, and how it allows you to take your production workflow into the field. And it is free to get started! 


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Show Notes:


Joshua Davies is the Founder and CEO of FXhome. Follow him on Twitter.


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