MacVoices #20151: David Sparks Releases New Field Guides For Keyboard Maestro and Apple Photos

We caught up with David Sparks to talk about his two latest Field Guides, Keyboard Maestro Field Guide, covering the automation utility and Photos Field Guide (2nd Edition), covering Apple’s Photos app. For Photos. In the former, Keyboard Maestro has made some updates and additions, including compatibility with the Stream Deck, and David talks about how to use it to your advantage. In the latter, David covers the Mac, iPhone, and iPad version of the program, talks about which platform he prefers for editing photos, and why photos for the book feature his new dog and not Disneyland.

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Show Notes:


David Sparks  is a trial attorney who finally came out of the closet and admitted he was a nerd several years ago. David publishes and is the co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast. He is also part of the Focused and Automators podcasts, and publishes his Field Guide series of training at


Stream Deck Mini

Stream Deck

Stream Deck XL



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