MacVoices #16081: Dan Frakes On Improving iPhone Battery Life and The Wirecutter’s Review Methods

MacNotable Dan Frakes  provides from tips for improving the battery life of your iPhone battery, courtesy of The Wirecutter‘s extensive article on the subject. You might be surprised the difference, good and bad, items such as ad blockers, specific apps and music streaming can make if you’re looking for battery life longevity. Dan also provides his thoughts on the Apple Battery case, then goes into some details about The Wirecutter’s rather intense approach to evaluating products, and their unique style of published reviews.

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Dan Frakes  is a respected technology writer, book author, and editor, as well as an authority on digital media (including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad) and consumer audio. Currently, he serves as Senior Editor at  The Wirecutter. He is a former Senior Editor and “Mac Gems” columnist at  Macworld. He was previously Senior Reviews Editor for Playlist magazine and Website and at various times an Editor, Contributing Editor, and columnist for His blog is at  and you can follow him on  Twitter.


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