MacVoices #14187: The Crew From Command-Control-Power Discuss Apple Consulting from All Sides

Command-Control-Power is a podcast for Apple Consultant Network members (ACNs) by ACNs, covering not only the technical side of things, but also advice on how to be a responsible, successful consultant. The team consists of Joe Saponare, Sam Valencia and Jerry Zigmont, and all three stopped by to share some information about what ACNs can do for you, your home gear, and even your office technology needs. They talk about the topics they cover on their show and share some interesting stories from the front lines. Hiring a consultant isn’t as simple as it might appear; Joe, Sam and Jerry talk about how to go about it to find someone qualified and why that is critical in today’s privacy and security conscious world.

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Show Notes:

Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices. You can catch up with what he’s doing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Joe Saponare is founder of PsiMac and one-third of the Apple consultants podcast, Command-Control-Power. After operating as a one man show for years, Joe expanded his practice a few years ago, leasing office space and hiring an office manager and another consultant. When talking shop on Command-Control-Power, one of Joe’s favorite topics is growing your practice. This summer, PsiMac is celebrating ten years in business.

Sam Valencia has spent the last fourteen years building the Connecticut branch of The HCS Technology Group. He is also the managing partner of InstructUs Training Centers. As an Apple Certified Trainer, Sam has used those skills to assist customers in not only building their infrastructure, but to explain the process in a clear and concise manner. Having an understanding of the hardware, software and, most importantly, the people involved allows for a more holistic approach to technology

Jerry Zigmont has been part of the Apple community for over 25 years and has been working as an Apple Consultant, managing his own business, MacWorks, LLC for the last 8 years. Serving the entire state of Connecticut, MacWorks, LLC provides services for small to medium sized businesses looking for experienced, reliable technical assistance.  


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