MacVoices #13182: Bryan Chaffin on Steve Balmer’s Retirement, Tim Cook as Rock Star and the new iPhones

MacNotable Bryan Chaffin is back to explain  the newest developments with The Apple Context Machine, discuss Steve Balmer’s retirement and analyze the mystery of his tenure as Microsoft CEO. Office vs. iWork, the strategy behind the iPhone 5c, Tim Cook’s status as rock star and more all fall into line in Bryan’s thought-provoking discussion.

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Bryan Chaffin began using Apple computers in 1983 in a high school BASIC programming class. He started using Macs in 1990 when the Kinko’s guy taught him how to use Aldus PageMaker, finally buying a Power Computing Power 100 in 1995. Bryan is the cofounder of The Mac Observer and currently serves as Afternoon Editor. He has contributed to MacAddict and MacFormat magazines, and coauthored Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies with Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus. You can find out more about Bryan at his personal site, GeekTells, and on The Apple Context Machine with co-host Jeff Gamet.