MacVoices #13147: David Sparks Explains Markdown, Why You Need It, And Why He Wrote A Book About It

David Sparks has penned his 5th book, Markdown – A MacSparky Field Guide  with Eddie Smith. What is Markdown, you ask? David helps us understand what it is, and why we need it. Making a convincing case for Markdown as a common, easy-to-use option for text entry on iPhone or iPad, David discusses its variations, and stresses its ease of use. His book, in iBooks format, contains not only instruction, but also videos for each step of the process, interviews with some of the leading proponents of Markdown, and more.

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David Sparks  is a trial attorney who finally came out of the closet and admitted he was a nerd several years ago. David publishes  and is the co-host of the  Mac Power Users  podcast. David also writes occasionally for  Macworld  and has authored a total of five books including,  Mac at Work  and  iPad at Work,  60 Mountain Lion Tips  with Brett Terpstra, Paperless, and Markdown with Eddie Smith.

Byword – Metaclassy, Lda.