MacVoices #1210: Road to Macworld – Cliff Miller of Splashtop Previews His IT Conference Session and Discusses Virtual Desktop Software

The Road to Macworld | iWorld 2012 is a long one for some. Cliff Miller, Chief Marketing Officer for Splashtop, talks to us from Beijing about his IT Conference track session, iPads in the enterprise market, and the service department view of IT departments as technology has evolved. Unlike Macs in the enterprise, which were often brought in the back door, the iPad is being carried in the front, and support demanded rather than requested. Chris addresses these developments, and profiles his company’s high-performance virtual desktop software, Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad.

0The Road to Macworld is a special MacVoices series produced in partnership with Macworld to preview some of the exhibitors and presentations at Macworld | iWorld 2012 in San Francisco from January 26 – 28 at the Moscone Convention Center.


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Cliff Miller is currently President of Asia Pacific & Chief Marketing Officer of Splashtop. Splashtop’s flagship application is Splashtop Remote Desktop, which allows users of an iPad, iPhone or other devices to run Macintosh and Windows programs, including Microsoft Office, World of Warcraft, Starcraft2 and more. Splashtop works closely with chip manufactures on hardware optimization, enabling multimedia performance that is 3 to 15 times better than competitive remote desktop products. Splashtop Remote has been the #1-ranking application in the Apple App Store in China, the US and many other countries. You can find Splashtop on Facebook, Twitter, and follow their developments on their blog.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone & iPod