MacVoices #23279: Josh Centers Takes Control of iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 (1)

Josh Centers looks at the new features in Apple’s latest mobile operating systems in new book, Take Control of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. We start with small refinements in iOS 17, collaborative efforts in Apple feature set and limitations of the voice assistant, Josh also touches in changes in the camera zoom features, his experience with the iPhone 15 Pro as it relates to iOS 17, and the new Action Button. (Part 1)

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Show Notes:


0:02:01 iOS 17 and iPadOS 17: Small refinements and distractions
0:04:57 Sharing AirTags and enhancing the Apple ecosystem in iOS 17
0:06:43 The Shift to Ecosystem Features
0:08:34 Apple’s Devices as a Unified Ecosystem
0:11:11 Confusion with Device Activation Commands
0:12:28 Naming Options for Amazon Devices
0:13:14 The Camera: The Big Feature in the New Release
0:13:34 Late Adopter: Upgrading to a New iPhone
0:15:17 An abundance of camera features on the iPhone.
0:17:35 The struggle with big and heavy phones
0:19:12 Confusion about iPhone 15’s camera features and seeking advice
0:20:02 Action button: Step sideways or step up?
0:21:39 Experimenting with the Action button’s functionality
0:25:28 Pro Button: Voice Memos and Note-Taking


Josh Centers manages the TextExpander Blog and the Editor-In-Chief of as well as a Take Control Books author. He iis a former Managing Editor of TidBITS and the publisher of Apple Buying Advice. He’s also an occasional contributor to Macworld, Boing Boing, and The Sweethome. You can keep up with him on X/Twitter, and his blog at


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