Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Jeff Gamet, Warren Sklar, Frank Petrie, Mark Fuccio, Brittany Smith, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #22123: MacVoices Live! – WWDC Discussion (1)

Only hours after Tim Cook wrapped up the keynote address for WWDC 2022, on a special night, the MacVoices Panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Jeff Gamet, Warren Sklar, Frank Petrie, Mark Fuccio, Brittany Smith, and Kelly Guimont connected to discuss and...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, Warren Sklar, Jim Rea, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #22121: MacVoices Live! – Commencement Address (2)

It is high school and college graduation season, so the MacVoices Live! panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio Jeff Gamet, Warren Sklar, Jim Rea, and Brittany Smith share some of their hard-earned advice from their wide and varied...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Brittany Smith, Frank Petrie, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Mark Fuccio, Andrew Orr, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #22119: MacVoices Live! – An Apology to DuckDuckGo, Stream Deck & Touch Bar, Ads in Apple Music, WWDC Expectations

This MacVoices Live! discussion starts of with Chuck's apology to DuckDuckGo relating to a widely reported user tracking issue, then turns a wide variety of topics that include the Touch Bar vs. the Stream Deck,...
David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Jeff Gamet, Chuck Joiner, Jim Rea, Guy Serle

MacVoices #22113: MacVoice Live! – More Form Over Function, Facebook and Podcasts (2)

The debate over form over function continues and expands to Mac design vs. PC design as one panel member makes some controversial pronouncements…and is promptly abused for them. David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Jeff Gamet, host Chuck Joiner,Jim Rea,...
Joe Murphy, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #22104: NAB – DeepBrain AI Is Creating Avatars for Expanding A Digital Presence

At NAB in Las Vegas, we wrap up our coverage with a visit to the DeepBrain AI booth. Joe Murphy, Business Development Manager, talks about how their technology works, who is using it, and how it...