MacVoices #24159: Road to Macstock – Dave Hamilton of Mac Geek Gab

Our next stop on The Road to Macstock Conference and Expo is a conversation with Dave Hamilton of Mac Geek Gab. Dave will be giving attendees a look behind the curtain at his podcast workflow emphasizing efficiency and leveraging technology for productivity. Dave and Chuck both underscore the welcoming atmosphere, networking opportunities, and learning experiences at Macstock. 

Visit Macstock Conference and Expo and use Dave’s discount code MACGEEKGAB or the MacVoices discount code MACVOICES to save $30 on your registration fee.

Show Notes:


00:00 On the road to Macstock
00:39 Welcome to MacVoices
13:20 Reflecting on Evolution
23:56 The Value of Macstock
35:53 Inviting You to Macstock
37:51 Special Event at Macstock
40:37 Exploring Gig Gab
41:27 Warming Your Soul at Macstock


Dave Hamilton  is co-host of The Mac Geek Gab and co-Founder of BackBeat Media. You can also find him and co-hosting both Business Brain and Gig Gab, and on social media as @davehamilton.


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