MacVoices #24150: Road to Macstock – Wally Cherwinski and the Macstock Film Festival

The biggest event inside  Macstock Conference and Expo is the annual Macstock Film Festival, organized and hosted by Wally Cherwinski. An accomplished videographer in his own right, Wally shares his thoughts on why you (yes, you!) should be creating a submission and joining in the fun. No prizes, no judging and no pressure mean that anyone can be part of the Festival. Wally provides some tips on how to approach a subject, creating something from content you already have, and the emotional impact of preserving memories through video.

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Show Notes:


02:22 The Macstock Short Film Festival
04:31 Learning from the Macstock Film Submissions
06:53 Submission Guidelines for Macstock Film Festival
11:36 Creating Professional Videos with iMovie Trailers
13:53 Tips and Tricks for Video Editing
22:18 The Fun and Engrossing Process of Video Editing
25:55 Encouragement to Create and Submit Videos for Macstock


Video To Go by Wally Cherwinski in the Apple Books Store


Wally Cherwinski is a Videographer based in Ottawa, Canada. Originally trained as a scientist, he spent a portion of his career in research and teaching at the University of Cambridge, England while doubling as a freelance photographer and writer. Later, he joined Canada’s National Research Council and spent many years managing communications for the Canadian Space Program.

Starting with 16mm film, he has written and directed numerous documentaries and television features, including projects with Canada’s National Film Board. More recently, he has combined his passion for video with his love of travel.

Wally has been a Mac user since the original 128K in 1984 and his Apple “museum” includes 28 Macs (not to mention Newtons, iPods, iPhones & iPads). He has delivered video workshops at Macworld, at Macintosh User Groups in Canada and on three MacMania cruises. He also writes a regular video column in the ScreenCastsOnline monthly magazine. You can connect with him on X, or view his Cirque du Mac videos (and others) on his YouTube channel.


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