MacVoices #24177: Road to Macstock – Mike Potter, Presenter!

The Road to Macstock Conference and Expo takes us back to Mike Potter, this time not as the organizer but as a presenter at the Friday workshop sessions. Mike will deliver an introduction to through his journey in using it to deliver Macstock content, and not just for it’s streaming capabilities. He discusses the software’s integration with Mac’s native applications and highlight its various uses, and will shares insights and tips to help others maximize Ecamm Live’s potential. 

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Show Notes:


00:00 Introduction to Macstock and Speaker Announcement
02:26 Exploring Ecamm Live Software
03:15 Distinguishing Usage of Ecamm Live
08:15 Ecamm Live as a Presentation Tool
09:45 Ecamm Live Beyond Live Streaming
13:22 Discovering the Aha Moment with Ecamm Live
14:04 Macstock Discount Code and Workshop Information
17:13 Exciting Changes at the New Macstock Venue


Michael Potter  is the Executive Producer of For Mac Eyes Only, and the organizer of the annual Macstock Conference and Expo. Mike’s love-affair for all things Apple began in his Junior High’s Library playing Lemonade Stand on a pair of brand new Apple ][+ computers. His penchant for Apple gear continued to be nurtured by the public school system when, in High School, he was hired as a lab supervisor to help run the Apple ][e lab for his fellow students and their Print Shop needs. Then, further still, in college he often opted to help a friend with her Computer Graphics coursework instead of focusing on his own studies, but only because it helped get him closer to the Mac-lab.


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