MacVoices #717 – MacVoices at Expo: Adobe Breakfast – Welcome, FlexBuilder, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Adobe Encore DVD


In the first of a series of shows from the Adobe User Group & Professional Association Breakfast at Macworld Conference & Expo, Terry White welcomes the attendees and gives an overview of the morning’s presentations.

The presentations begin with Ted Patrick showing off FlexBuilder, a toolset that assists in the creation of rich Internet applications. Dave Helmly then takes the stage to show off the new Adobe Premiere Pro, Soundbooth (currently in public beta) and Adobe Encore DVD.

MacVoices is be delivering the complete Adobe Breakfast program; look for the other editions and experience the entire event again if you were there or for the first time if you couldn’t make it to San Francisco.

MacVoices #716 – MacVoices at Expo: David Gallagher of equinux Discusses iSale, MediaCentral and CoverScout

equinux software
David Gallagher of equinux Software talks about the newest edition of iSale, the application that not only simplifies the process of listing and selling items on eBay, but actually makes it fun. iSale has achieved version 4.0 and David covers some of the new features. We also talk about their media product, MediaCentral and how it relates to the new Apple TV, and CoverScout, their utility to help you add art to your iTunes media, even if it isn’t listed in the iTunes store. David also covers OnAir and VPN Tracker.

MacVoices #715 – MacVoices at Expo: Jacob Head of MacMod

Jacob Head, the Managing Editor for discusses the appeal of customizing (modding) your Macintosh or iPod. Describing some of the examples of modding that were on display in the booth, Jacob clarified the point that modding doesn’t have to just mean funky paint jobs or re-casing a Mac G3. Modding can be something as simple as installing third-party upgrades or as complex as installing cathode ray tubes in your tower Mac.

MacVoices #714 – MacVoices at Expo: Freeverse Software’s Bruce Morrison on Why They Are More Than A Game Company

Freeverse Software
In the Freeverse Software booth at Macworld Expo, Bruce Morrison talks about Freeverse’s Big Bang Brain Games, and why they are something new for the Mac audience. Bruce also discusses how Freeverse has branched out and added programs that are not games, but fit with their focus and their company culture. Sound Studio, Line Form and Comic Life are all discussed, as is the presence of a green-haired girl as part of their Expo presence.

MacVoices #713 – MacVoices at Expo: ProClip Lets You Mount Your iPod in Your Car


Taking your iPod with you in your car has never been easier with the solutions provided by ProClip. John Slattery describes how you can have a professional quality car mount that you install yourself. Whether you need a solution for your iPod, cell phone or other mobile device, ProClip’s 2,000+ combination options will help you take your equipment with you in functional and good-looking fashion.