User Group Report #301: iFocus, JoMac’s, Casady & Greene and Vendor Deals & The User Group Report as MP3!


The first edition for 2003 features a slate of interesting guests, information on how to get your group’s events listed on The MUG Center and, for the first time, the User Group Report available as an MP3 file to listen on your iPod or at your convenience.

Nico Juber of the Tufts Macintosh Users Group profiles her group, the first iFocus contest for Boston area campus user groups, and User Group University from a student perspective.
Chris Kiltz of the Josephine County Mac User Group talks about how her group went from being “in the middle of nowhere” to exhibiting in the User Group Booth at Macworld Expo.
Bonnie Mitchell of Casady & Greene discusses the C&G User Group Program, why they elected to give SpellCatcher X to user groups before anyone else, and why Apple took away Bonnie’s toys.

User Group Report #222: Lesa Snyder of The Cowtown Macintosh Users Group


Lesa SniderLesa Snyder outlines the many projects and improvements her group is involved in, including an interactive CD, adopting a local school, an HTML newsletter and more. She talks about how User Group University gave her ideas to use in her group, how they grew through publicity, and her Apple tattoo (yes, we said Apple tattoo). The importance of registering for Macworld Expo using the User Group Priority Code rounds out this edition.

(Audio not available)

User Group Report #221: Macworld/User Group University Planning Committee & December MUG Deals


Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco is almost here, and with it come User Group University and a host of MUG events throughout the week. Hear from the folks making those events happen, The Macworld/User Group University Planning Committee. You’ll hear a brief summary of each event and a little about what it takes to put it all together. Lorene Romero, Vendor Liaison for the User Group Advisory Board, makes her monthly visit to tell us about the December vendor deals exclusively for MUG members.

(This abbreviated holiday edition is our last for 2003. Look for updates and info from Macworld Conference & Expo, and interviews recorded live at the show.)

User Group Report #220: Melissa Murphy, Arman Assa, and Evan Chaney of The Campus Group Advisory Board


Our look at the new Campus Group Advisory Board continues in this edition. We also talk about the many vendors who have signed up to support User Group University, and why their sponsorship is so important. Guests include:

Melissa Murphy of The Apple Student Core @ Emory talks about her busy personal schedule, how ACE is taking their activities from the campus out into the community, plans for their upcoming iMovieFest and why Apple products appeal to students.
Arman Assa of The North Carolina State University Mac Users Group discusses how starting his group was inspired by a MacCentral article, how they involve staff, faculty and students in both membership and leadership roles, and what about MacOS X is important to students.
Evan Chaney of the Western Mac Users Group at Western Washington University outlines how he started his group with a small number of people, why they count a strong social component as an important part of their group, and why he wants his MUG to be a long-term presence on the Western Washington campus.

User Group Report #219: Roemer, Rozanski, Davis of The Campus Group Advisory Board, Club de Usuarios Mac, Bolivia & iChat Channel, MUG Deals and More!


This edition features the first public interviews with members of the new Campus Group Advisory Board and more!
David Roemer of The Apple User Group Advisory Board talks about the creation of the Campus Group Advisory Board, the new offerings for campus groups on the Apple web site, and why high school MUGs are not out of the question.

Rowan Rozanski of the Colorado State Macintosh Users Group and Chair of the new Campus Group Advisory Board, talks about this new advocacy group for the campus user group movement, the members of the team and what the future holds.

Matt Davis of the Tarheel Macintosh User Group at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and member of the Campus Group Advisory Board talks about the young age and rapid growth of his group, how he is working with other Apple Student Reps and more.

Jose Jordan of the Club de Usuarios Mac of Bolivia discusses his group, what it is like to be an authorized Apple reseller in his country, and the iChat channel he created for MUG members and leaders throughout the world.