MacVoices #770 – Jeff Gamet Discusses Font Management in Mac OS X

In this edition we bestow Jeff Gamet, the author of Designer’s Guide to Mac OS X Tiger, Contributing Editor for Design Tools Monthly and columnist for InDesign magazine and Layers magazine, with the title of “Font Witchdoctor” as he delves deep into the voodoo that is font management. Jeff talks about the different types of fonts and why the selection process is more important than ever in a cross-platform world. Why “you get what you pay for” applies to fonts, where to look for fonts to fit your project, why you might want to nuke your fonts and more are all discussed in the first of a two-part conversation that will benefit the average Mac user as well as the graphics professional.


“Designer’s Guide to Mac OS X Tiger” (Jeff Gamet)

“Extensis SUITCASE X1 (Mac)” (Extensis Corporation)

Font Agent Pro – Insider Software

Font Diner

Adobe Fonts

FontNuke by jamabi

FontExplorer X