MacNotables #777 – An Inside Look at Covering Macworld Expo with the MacNotables

Macworld Conference & Expo is the year’s biggest Mac event, and that means that it presents unique challenges for all Mac journalists, including the members of the MacNotables panel. Christopher Breen, Adam Engst, Dan Frakes, Ted Landau and Chuck Joiner discuss those challenges and provide an inside look at how they each approach the show. Submitting information early, demonstration copies, printed documentation, press conferences, scheduled appointments, stop-by meetings and more all get the MacNotables treatment, and the panel wraps up with some specific comments on how to get the most from each of them if your company is releasing a product at Expo.

Christopher Breen
Dan Frakes
Adam Engst
Christopher Breen Dan Frakes Adam Engst
Ted Landau Chuck Joiner
Ted Landau Chuck Joiner


TypeIt4Me from Ettore Software

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