MacNotables #776 – Tonya Engst on the Challenges of Covering the Mac Industry and Working With Vendors at Macworld Expo

Tonya Engst of TidBITS and Take Control delivers an inside look at the challenges of being an Apple-focused journalist, especially over the past few months. Tonya discusses the top 3 “time sinks” of that time period and the impact they have had on TidBITS, Take Control and even MacNotables. Keeping up on all the new products and upgrades from Apple can be difficult, but it is an even bigger challenge for those in the business of providing the references we all use. Tonya talks about why it is so hard to let opportunities to by, and starts the MacNotables’ discussion of how vendors can work with Mac journalists to more effectively cover their products in the information maelstrom that is Macworld Conference & Expo.


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