MacVoices #24152: MVL – Spotify Kills CarThing; Samsung’s Difficult Repair Demands

Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgEric BoldenGuy SerleMarty JenciusJim ReaJeff GametKelly Guimont, and Brian Flanigan-Arthurs examine Spotify’s discontinuation of their car device, sparking controversy over sustainability and efforts by users to keep the device functioning, The conversation shifts to Samsung’s repair shop policies and the controversy it has sparked. Legal concerns, consumer rights, and Samsung’s marketing strategies are explored, with skepticism about their practices, and whether this should affect your interest in Samsung devices. 

MacVoices #24151: MVL – The Growing Importance of Apple News

The MacVoices Live! panel of Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgEric BoldenGuy SerleMarty JenciusJim ReaJeff GametKelly Guimont, and Brian Flanigan-Arthurs discuss the rise of the Apple News’ importance to a variety of audiences. From being a great way to obtain curated news and access to magazines to growing part of Appel’s Services revenue stream to a possible savior for some online publications in the fight to obtain readers and generate revenue of their own, Apple News is no longer being overlooked.

MacVoices #24150: Road to Macstock – Wally Cherwinski and the Macstock Film Festival


The biggest event inside  Macstock Conference and Expo is the annual Macstock Film Festival, organized and hosted by Wally Cherwinski. An accomplished videographer in his own right, Wally shares his thoughts on why you (yes, you!) should be creating a submission and joining in the fun. No prizes, no judging and no pressure mean that anyone can be part of the Festival. Wally provides some tips on how to approach a subject, creating something from content you already have, and the emotional impact of preserving memories through video.

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MacVoices #24149: NAB – Norigin Media Develops Smart TV Interfaces


From NAB in Las Vegas, a chance meeting with Norigin Media CEO Ajey Anand led to a great discussion about how they develop user experience TV apps for various platforms. Norigin collaborate with broadcasters to deliver content on smart TVs, highlighting challenges in aligning with different tech giants’ UI/UX visions. Ajey emphasizes adaptability in the evolving TV streaming landscape, their partnerships, and the importance of broadcasters adjusting to changing consumer behaviors and technological advancements 

MacVoices #24148: NAB – SnapStream Clips and Catalogs Video For Use By Clients


At NAB in Las Vegas, Brennan Murphy, Marketing & Video Manager for SnapStream, explains how their service shift from on-premises to cloud-based, providing real-time clipping and TV access. SnapStream, originally used by The Daily Show, acts as a DVR for users to record and clip cable content conveniently. The platform’s AI features enable quick searches through closed captions and transcripts, benefitting industries like news and live events and shows like Politico.