MacVoices #24054: Showstoppers – Clicks Adds A Hardware Keyboard To Your iPhone


At Showstoppers at CES, we talked to Jeff Gadway, Senior Vice President of Clicks Technology about not only their keyboard case for the iPhone, but also about the strong emotional product the release of their product elicited from some users. Jeff covers the thinking behind why Steve Jobs was right about the iPhone, but why also why the time is right for a hardware iPhone keyboard case based on what we are doing with our phones now. 

MacVoices #24053: Showstoppers – The Newest Unistellar Smart Telescope Makes Astronomy Even Better


At Showstoppers at CES in Las Vegas, we learned about the latest edition of the Unistellar telescope that makes astronomy even easier and more automatic. CEO Laurent Marfisi took us through the new features, the eyepiece option, and more. 

MacVoices #24052: Showstoppers – ViXion Introduces Automatically Adjusting Eyeglasses


At Showstoppers at CES in Las Vegas, ViXion gave us a look at their autofocus eyewear. Takuya Nonaka, Senior Manager, Corporate Planning explained the tech behind their innovation, the roadmap for development, and why they are looking for partners in the U.S. Chuck tried them on and was blown away by how well they function. 

MacVoices #24051: Showstoppers – Mousetrap Is A Fresh Take On An Ergonomic Mouse


At Showstoppers at CESAndrew Federici, the Founder of Mousetrap, explained their new take on an ergonomic pointing device that has a distinctive look and feel. Andrew gives us the backstory on the team that designed it, why some of the design choices were, made, and the good news is that it can accommodate left-handers. 

MacVoices #24050: TV+Talk – A Deep Dive Into Apple TV+ Strategy

In this edition of TV+ TalkCharlotte Henry and Chuck Joiner look at the strategies streaming services, Apple TV+ in particular, are using in choosing their programming. Sports, original content, major video franchises, and back catalogs are all in the mix as our viewing options and habits evolve. With only so much time to watch and so many dollars to pay, how are (and should) viewers choose? Charlotte and Chuck discuss their decisions.