MacVoices #21176: Gary Levitt of Future Moments On Their IOS and Mac Audio Production Apps (1)

Gary Levitt, Co-Founder of Future Moments, introduces us to their iOS and Mac Apps that enhance the audio portion of your mobile content creation. Gary walks us through the capabilities of their portfolio of apps that has something for everyone, regardless of whether you are creating video or audio projects. From emulating a variety of high-performance mics, to fixing your audio easily, to mastering your audio, the Future Moments apps make it fast and easy. (Part 1)

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MacVoices #21175: MacVoices Live! – Movie Making, Apple Watch 7, and an Urgent Security Update (3)

Our discussion of the Apple “California Streaming” event wraps up as the panel continues to argue about who wants to make movies before moving on to the Apple Watch 7. Guy SerleDavid GinsburgJim ReaKelly Guimont, Andrew OrrMike Schmitz, and Brittany Smith discuss the dust resistance claim, express frustration with Apple’s position on watch face creation, and the availability of the Series 3. The wrap-up includes the urgent upgrades Apple release to combat Pegasus, and how they might avoid future problems. (3)

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MacVoices #21174: MacVoices Live! – The iPhones 13 and Their Cameras (2)

Our MacVoices Live! look at Apple’s “California Dreaming” event continues with what many consider the major announcement: the iPhones 13. The panel of Mark FuccioGuy SerleFrank PetrieDavid GinsburgJim Rea, Kelly Guimont, Andrew Orr, and Mike Schmitz discuss both pricing and configurations, environmental concerns, what the new cameras bring to the table, and start to cover who the cinematic features are really for. (Part 2)

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MacVoices #21173 – MacVoices Live! – California Streaming Preso, New iPads (1)


Our MacVoices Live! discussion about Apple’s September 14 event, the panel of Mark FuccioGuy SerleFrank PetrieDavid GinsburgJim ReaAndrew Orr, and Kelly Guimont starts off with a discussion of the event presentation itself What did “California Streaming” mean, anyway? Then we move on to the enhancements to the new 9th Generation iPad, and why the new iPad mini was arguably the star of the show. Use cases for both devices, whether there were any compromises, and the strength of the iPad line are all part of the conversation. (Part 1)


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MacVoices #21172 – MacVoices Live! – More on Tim Cook’s Successor; App Stores in South Korea (2)

Our MacVoices Live! discussion of the obsession with Tim Cook’s successor concludes as the panel of Jeff Gamet, Kelly GuimontJim ReaDave GinsburgJay MillerBrittany Smith, and Frank Petrie talk about who should be delivering the product introductions, and why some CEOs are “punch-able”. The panel then turn their attention to the South Korean ruling that Apple, Google, and others will be required to allow other payment options in their app stores, and why that might make other decisions in other countries easier. (2)


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