MacVoices #23241: MacVoices Live! – More Social Media Evaluation (4)


The discussion of usefulness and drawbacks of various social media platforms continues as we wrap up this MacVoices Live! session.Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgJim ReaWeb Bixby, Eric Bolden, and Ben Roethig are joined by Brittany Smith as they explore the issue of privacy concerns and the need for centralized information sources, and how different platforms align with their needs and interests. (Part 4) 


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MacVoices #23240: MacVoices Live! – Was Threads Launched Too Soon? (Part 3)

The MacVoices Live! panel looks at Meta’s launch of Threads, whether it was premature. and explore essential features for a successful social network. Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgJim ReaWeb Bixby, Eric Bolden, and Ben Roethig compare engagement levels with other platforms and highlight the need for content creation and aggregation. We also touch on the challenges faced by X/Twitter and its struggles with monetization, and what each member needs in a social media platform. (Part 3)

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MacVoices #23239: MacVoices Live! – Spotify Charges For Lyrics, The USB-C Transition (Part 2)

Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgJim ReaWeb Bixby, Eric Bolden, and Ben Roethig shift to a new topic on MacVoices Live!, examining  Spotify’s decision to put song lyrics behind a paywall weighing the pros and cons. We also delve into Apple’s challenges, including subscription services and the transition to USB-C cables. Lastly, we touch on Amazon’s changes to their streaming music service and the risks associated with uncertified cables for the new iPhone. (Part 2) 

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MacVoices #23238: MacVoices Live! – Apple Drops Leather and CSAM Scanning (1)

A catch-up/pre-Apple Event MacVoices Live! session with Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgJim ReaWeb Bixby, Eric Bolden, and Ben Roethig looks at Apple moving away from leather for their products, the decision to abandon CSCAM efforts, and the inevitable criticism that follows. (Part 1) 

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MacVoices #23237: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Sonoma (2)

Our conversation with Joe Kissell, the author of Take Control of Sonoma, continues as we cover Sonoma’s new or revised features that include menubar icons, Keychain Access, stickers, animations, and widgets. Joe gives us some cautions on a few Sonoma features, discusses Apple’s new documentation for Sonoma, and more. (Part 2) 

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