Chuck Joiner, Randy Fredlund

MacVoices #20156: Randy Fredlund of Vivid-Pix On Photo Correction At Home and Underwater

Randy Fredlund, Cofounder of Vivid-Pix, overcame all sorts of hurdles to tell us about their software products that help you improve your photos, no matter where they were taken. With Land & Sea Scuba, your underwater...
Chuck Joiner, Aleksey Novicov

MacVoices #20154: Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code Introduces ScreenBadge

Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code introduces ScreenBadge, the latest in his evolving efforts to help facilitate the exchange of business contact information. With COVID-19, not only are we interacting in person less, but are reluctant to exchange...
Chuck Joiner, Derrick Story

MacVoices #20146: Derrick Story Guides You Through Digitizing Your Family Memories

Like most of us years, and maybe even decades, of your family photos are in the proverbial shoe box under a bed somewhere. Derrick Story has a new course, Digitizing Family Memories, that will help you...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #20111: Jeff Carlson On Luminar 4 From a Photographer’s Perspective (Part 2)

Jeff Carlson covers more photo editing tips from his latest effort, The Photographer's Guide to Luminar 4. In the second part of our discussion, we talk about RAW files, whether they come from a DSLR...
Jeff Carlson, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #20110: Jeff Carlson On Luminar 4 From a Photographer’s Perspective (Part 1)

Jeff Carlson is back to discuss photo editing from a different perspective. In his The Photographer's Guide to Luminar 4, we get a look at a new way to enhance our photos. While Luminar has...