MacVoices #23244: Introducing Jeff Carlson’s Fine Art Prints (2)

Our conversation with Jeff Carlson about his fine art print project, Autumn Collection, continues with a focus on the business side. From choosing the right platform to the importance of targeting a specific audience, Jeff shares his choices and rationale. He also talks about why he wanted to see his work extend beyond digital platforms, and how this project is making it happen. (Part 2) 


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Show Notes:


0:01:59 Self-publishing a book and setting up a Squarespace site
0:04:54 Choosing Shopify for its ease of use and cost-effectiveness
0:06:31 The Challenges of Building an E-commerce Website
0:08:13 Lessons from a Previous Experience with Print-on-Demand Services
0:09:03 The Challenge of Marketing on the Internet
0:10:34 The Difficulty of Navigating Etsy’s Search Functionality
0:12:28 Limitations of Using Etsy for Business
0:14:18 The Importance of Printing Photos
0:15:33 Printing, Packaging, and Shipping Orders through Pirate Ship
0:16:29 The appeal of hands-on printing and packaging
0:18:01 The value of artist-created prints and the tactile experience
0:21:48 Plans for future collections and continuation of the project
0:23:21 Addressing concerns of contacting the artist and his credibility
0:24:57 Customization options and potential conversations for larger prints
0:26:11 Inspiring others to embark on their own creative projects


Jeff Carlson’s Autumn Collection 


Jeff Carlson is an author, photographer, and freelance writer. Among many other projects, he publishes the Smarter Image newsletter, which explores how computational photography, AI, and machine learning are fundamentally changing the art and science of photography. He’s covered the personal technology field from Macs and PalmPilots to iPhones and mirrorless cameras, publishing in paper magazines, printed books, ebooks, and websites. He’s also the co-host of the podcasts PhotoActive and Photocombobulate, writes for Take Control, has spoken at several conferences and events.


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