MacVoices #17165: Macstock: The Most Senior Macstock Attendee, Dr. Edna Doyle

At Macstock 2017, the most senior Macstock attendee, Dr. Edna Doyle, talks about how she was introduced to the Mac, what Apple gear she has, and how she uses it. Edna thinks that everyone, including seniors, should be enthusiastic about technology and explains why.

MacVoices #17164: Macstock: The Youngest Macstock Attendee, Daniel Prinssen

At Macstock 2017, the event’s youngest attendee, Daniel Prinssen, talks about the videos he produces for his YouTube channel, why he prefers an iPad to a Mac, and his impressions of his school-provided Chromebook.

MacVoices #17163: Macstock – Jeff Butts on Hackintosh Building and Joining The Mac Observer

At Macstock 2017, for his first appearance on MacVoices, Jeff Butts of The Mac Observer talks about his unusual journey to the Mac by building a Hackintosh laptop at a very challenging time, why you can expect to see more Hackintosh information on TMO, and how he came to write for them. 

MacVoices #17162: Briefing – The Thunderbolt 3-Equipped Drobo 5D3

In this MacVoices Briefing, Chuck gives a rundown on the new Drobo 5D3 that features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, along with all the other Drobo benefits and capabilities.

MacVoices #17161: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of PDFpen 9

Want to get more out of one of your favorite utilities? Michael E. Cohen and Take Control Books have released Take Control of PDFpen 9,  a free book that covers the latest edition of PDFpen and PDFpen Pro from Smile. Michael discusses a few of the many feature updates that add up to a powerful new version of the PDF editing and manipulation tool, including a new Find and Hilight command, dynamic positioning guides, a Hand tool, new export options and more.

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