User Group Report #316: Raincoast Conference, Audible & Boeing Mac Users

A regional user group conference, audio entertainment for your iPod, and a corporate user group are all featured in this edition, along with a review of MUG news, Macworld announcements, reminders of new and available resources, the month’s coming user group events, and a request for feedback.

Kathryn Whitacre
Kathryn Whitacre, Chairman of the Raincoast Regional Conference discusses how the event has gone from a PC-only conference to being “platform neutral,” why it is open to more than just user group leaders, and what it takes to produce a regional event.
Foy Sperring
Foy Sperring, Sr. Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Audible talks about what is cool about Audible, why they believe in user groups and helped sponsor the User Group Leaership Conference, and how they continue to support user groups with two special programs.
Gary Cohen
Gary Cohen of the Mac Special Interest Group of The Boeing Employees Computing Society gives us our first look at a corporate user group, how it is organized, what it does, how it has endured changes in corporate culture and focus, who can attend, and why MacOS X has caused renewed corporate interest in the Mac.

(Audio not available)