User Group Report #317: ApplePickers/Small Dog Film Festival, CZ Robertson, MUG Deals, Switchers & MacUsers MUG

A new Mac film festival, a user group community icon, some thoughts on encouraging Switchers, and why there is more than one way to start a user group, no matter how old you are, vendor deals, MUGs at the O’Reilly MacOS X conference, and plenty of news are included in this edition.

Bob McLaughlin
Bob McLaughlin of ApplePickers tells us about his group’s recent Small Dog / ApplePickers Film Festival, how it helped bring their group together, and the decisions they made while planning the event.
Carmela Zamora-Robertson
Carmela Zamora-Robertson (“CZ”) of All By Myself talks about her career, and how user groups have always been part of it, her new company, and how they rely on Apple technology for everything.
Lynda Fudold
Lynda Fudold of the Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group gives some thoughts on how to attract and encourage Switchers, and why it is a good idea to do so.
Chris Wronski
Chris Wronski of The MacUsers User Group discusses why, at age 15, he wanted to found a user group and how they took the unusual path of starting out virtual and then added a community presence.