User Group Report #315: Breen’s Bungalow, TackyShirt, Corning MUG & Vendor Deals

This edition features MUG meeting content and ideas, an in-depth discussion of online user groups, why it is fun to get involved in Macworld Expo events, and this month’s MUG-only vendor deals.

Chris Breen
Chris Breen of Macworld magazine discusses their latest method of Macintosh User Group support, the offering of special editions of the “Breen’s Bungalow” QuickTime video tutorials for use by individual MUGs at their meetings and in their CDs.
Sam Crutsinger
Sam Crutsinger of Tacky Shirt talks about his company’s first training video from both an information and entertainment standpoint, extends an offer to user groups everywhere to do a Tacky Shirt presentation via iChatAV, and gives tips on how to make it a terrific experience.
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez of the Corning Macintosh Users Group talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the online user group model, the fun of Macworld volunteering, and how he’s trying to have his MUG accessible from your cell phone.

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