UGR #532: Upgrading Your Mac with Larry O’Connor of Other World Computing, Editing Photos in iPhoto 5 with Kevin Wolfe and Mac News Braintrust with Bryan Chaffin

To upgrade your existing Mac or buy a new one: that’s the question, and we get answers from an expert. We also learn that you don’t have to be a graphics wiz to make your digital photos look better with the tools in Apple’s iPhoto 5, and find out what’s important in the week’s Mac headlines.

Larry O’Connor
Larry O’Connor of Other World Computing, one of the most respected Mac vendors around, delivers information and insight into the age-old question of whether upgrading an older Mac is money well spent. Larry covers processor upgrades, RAM, hard drives and more in this in-depth interview that you’ll want to hear before you spend another dollar on your Mac.

Kevin Wolf
J. Kevin Wolfe, the author of Serious Editing in iPhoto 5, talks about what can be accomplished in the latest version of Apple’s digital picture software, and how you can make your photos look good without having to invest the time or money in a separate image editing program.

Bryan Chaffin
Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer and The iPod Observer provides his thoughts and analysis on the week’s Apple headlines in the Mac News Braintrust segment.