UGR #531: Winn Schwartau Isn’t “Mad as Hell” Any More, Campus MovieFest Update with David Roemer and Mac News Braintrust with Jim Dalrymple

We follow up with a high-profile, real-world, outspoken switcher to learn his conclusions after a few months on the Mac, get the latest on moviemaking on campus and learn what one of the most influential names in Mac news thinks about last week’s announcements.

Winn Schwartau
Winn Schwartau, PC security expert, author and columnist, after several months of using Macs as his productivity platform of choice, tells us why he’s no longer “Mad as Hell.” Winn’s insights into the Mac platform from his unique perspective are required listening for any Mac advocate and anyone who is evaluating their computing choices.

David Roemer
David Roemer of Campus MovieFest is back with information on the largest student moviemaking event yet, how they’ve attracted new corporate sponsors, and their plans to visit twenty more universities in the next few months

Jim Dalrymple
This week’s Mac News Braintrust panelist is Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral. Jim delivers thoughts on Apple’s announcements from last week, including some personal observations based on first-hand experience.


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