User Group Report #533: Personal Development with, Free Software with FreeMacWare.Com, Apple Expo Paris Wrap-Up with Benjamin Stanley, Mac News Braintrust with Jim Dalrymple and the UGR Survey

iTunes and podcasts aren’t the only thing to put in your iPod. Find out how you can improve and educate yourself through audio programming from a wide variety of sources. We’ll also help you find cool new Mac software that is free, wrap up Apple Expo in Paris and get the stories behind the stories in the Mac news for the week. While you’re listening, take the User Group Report Survey and help us improve the show.

Jon Bischke
Jon Bischke of discusses his site and what it delivers for those interested in personal development and education audio programming, their plans for original content creation and where podcasts fit into the mix.

Richard Miller
Richard Miller of outlines how this new web site differes from other software sites, why they decided to focus on free software, and how they add a personal touch to each listing by creating a mini-review for each entry.

Benjamin Stanley
Benjamin Stanley of the Midlands Macintosh Users Group, The MUG Center’s correspondent to Apple Expo in Paris, is back to wrap up the show with some final thoughts and talk about the photos he sent us.

Jim Dalrymple
Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral is in the Mac News Braintrust pilot’s seat this week to talk about the new enhancements to .Mac, the cancellation of Macworld Expo in Boston and other stories from the week’s Mac headlines.


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