User Group Report #530: Vodcasting with Christopher Breen, In-Depth with, Mac News Braintrust with Dennis Sellers and Thanks to an Apple Regional Liaison

What’s a vodcast? What can you learn from one? What can the internet’s #1 stock photography web site offer you, the iLife-loving Mac user? How can you share your very best digital photos and make some money doing it? What’s the hottest Mac news and why? All these and more questions are answered in this week’s show.

Christopher Breen
Christopher Breen, the editor of talks about his new vodcast, why he’s jumping back into the world of video, the challenges of producing a vodcast and how you can learn from his experience to make your own videos better.

Patrick Lor Kellythompson

Patrick Lor and Kelly Thompson of profile their amazing web site, go in-depth on how it works, deliver some hints on how to find what you’re looking for and outline their growing community of contributing photographers in a bonus-length interview.

Dennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News discusses the recent Macintosh news and what it can mean to you. The pulling of the Mac mini promotion, HP dropping the iPod, the future of the tower Mac form factor and more are all on Dennis’ mind this week.


How to vodcast by Christopher Breen


“Mac mini test drive” screeches to a halt

Apple plans special event on Sept. 7

Creative Tech wins patent for digital music player interface

HP dropped iPods because it was an area where they couldn’t “lead”

iTMS offers change to help victims of Hurricane Katrina

Creative is said to ship 4,000 wormy MP3 players

Does the tower Mac form factor have staying power?

Apple Regional Liaisons

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