MacVoices #18183: Mike Potter Announces The Availability of the Macstock Digital Pass

Just when you thought you had heard the last of Macstock 2018, Mike Potter is back to let us know that the videos of the presentations from the event are coming online quickly. They are...

MacVoices #7109: The Producers of MacLevelTen Discuss The Media Group’s Launch

MacLevelTen is the new Mac media group on the block, but the member producers include some very familiar faces. In their first public appearance as a group the team introduce themselves and their many...
Chuck Joiner, Ray Robertson

MacVoices #18187: Ray Robertson Discusses AppleScript and the CMD-D Down Home Scripting Bootcamp

? Ray Robertson is back to talk about the benefits and characteristics of AppleScript, and how he will introduce attendees of the CMD-D Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp. Ray discusses what he and scripting guru Sal Soghoian will be...
Chuck Joiner, Bruce Franklin

MacVoices #18092: NAB – KB Covers Helps You Learn Keyboard Shortcuts To Improve Your Productivity

At NAB in Las Vegas, Bruce Franklin of KB Covers talks about their keyboard covers that help you learn Final Cut, Premier, along with lots of other non-video production programs. One of the easiest ways to improve...
Chuck Joiner, Xyla Foxlin

MacVoices #18056: CES – Beauty and the Bolt Helps Girls Use Technology

At CES Las Vegas, Beauty and the Bolt had a booth in Eureka Park to help get their message out about women and technology. Xyla Foxlin talks about needing to make women more comfortable with technology and...