Jean MacDonald, Greg Scown, Philip Goward, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #13101: The Smile Crew Discusses PDFpen 6 and PDFpenPro 6

Smile has released the new version of PDFpen 6, with a ton of new features. Philip Goward, Jean MacDonald and Greg Scown talk about the new PDF-to-Microsoft Word export, the redesigned interface and Retina...
Giulia Giovanelli

MacVoices #1037: MacVoices at Macworld – PaperShow Gives Telestrator Capabilities To Your Presentation Via a Paper Interface

From the show floor at Macworld 2010, Giulia Giovanelli of Canson provides a tour of PaperShow, a product that combines the best parts of whiteboard, telestrator and plain old pen-and-paper to give you new...
Maureen and Eric of Livescribe

MacVoices #1055: MacVoices at Macworld – Livescribe Adds More Functionality to the Pulse Smartpen

In the Livescribe booth at Macworld 2010, Maureen Keating and Eric Petitt show off the latest enhancements to the Pulse Smartpen. How smart can a pen be? Eric takes us through both the basics,...
Chuck Joiner, Michael E. Cohen

MacVoices #14229: Michael E. Cohen Takes Full Control of Pages

 Michael E. Cohen  is back to talk about the 1.0 release version of Take Control of Pages. Originally available as a Take Control pre-book, the update is now a fully formed book that...
Maria Langer

MacVoices #10124: Maria Langer On The Changes in Microsoft Word 2011 and How To Learn Them

Maria Langer, the author of the brand new Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training for talks about the new version of the venerable word processing program, and whether you really need it. Part...