Chuck Joiner, Melanie Kuba

MacVoices #24154: NAB – iStorage Offers Affordable, Secure Storage For Your Information

At NAB in Las Vegas, Melanie Kubasik, Sales Director for iStorage, discussed their options for securely storing your data whether it is on the desktop or on one of their portable devices. Their solutions encrypt the data on their device, accessible by entering in a numeric code. For the enterprise, the device can have both a user and an administrator password. If the password is entered incorrectly too often, the device securely deletes the data. Melanie talks about the form factors and colors available, how the security engages for the portable models, and demonstrates how the access process works. 
Chuck Joiner, Ajey Anand

MacVoices #24149: NAB – Norigin Media Develops Smart TV Interfaces

0 From NAB in Las Vegas, a chance meeting with Norigin Media CEO Ajey Anand led to a great discussion about how they develop user experience TV apps for various platforms. Norigin collaborate with broadcasters to deliver content...
Brennan Murphy, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #24148: NAB – SnapStream Clips and Catalogs Video For Use By Clients

0 At NAB in Las Vegas, Brennan Murphy, Marketing & Video Manager for SnapStream, explains how their service shift from on-premises to cloud-based, providing real-time clipping and TV access. SnapStream, originally used by The Daily Show, acts...
Laura Davidson, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #24145: NAB – The Newest Lav and Podcast Mics from Shure

0 From NAB in Las Vegas, Laura Davidson, Senior Market Development Manager for Shure demonstrated the MoveMic, a direct-to-phone wireless lavalier microphone with noise reduction and high pass filters, available in different kits. Laura also...
Shaki Prasanna, Chuck Joiner 

MacVoices #24144: NAB – Turn Your iPhone Into A Ninja iPhone

In the Atomos booth at NAB in Las Vegas, Shaki Prasanna, Creative Collaboration Director, explained how their Ninja Phone product transforms an iPhone into a high-quality monitor and recorder with the features of the traditional Ninja devices. The device enhances functionality by providing input/output connections for ProRes or H.265 recording directly onto the iPhone. While not intended to replace professional recording devices, Ninja Phone offers convenience for shooting, editing, and publishing content to social media. Shaki highlighted its versatility with accessories, various recording formats, and advanced features while maintaining user-friendliness.