MacVoices #24148: NAB – SnapStream Clips and Catalogs Video For Use By Clients

At NAB in Las Vegas, Brennan Murphy, Marketing & Video Manager for SnapStream, explains how their service shift from on-premises to cloud-based, providing real-time clipping and TV access. SnapStream, originally used by The Daily Show, acts as a DVR for users to record and clip cable content conveniently. The platform’s AI features enable quick searches through closed captions and transcripts, benefitting industries like news and live events and shows like Politico. 

Show Notes:


00:02 Introduction at NAB 2024
01:43 Transition to Cloud Systems
0 2:12 Focus on AI Features
02:48 Enhanced Search Capabilities
03:25 Rights and Licensing Discussion
03:59 Subscription Model Explanation


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