MacVoices #1104: The Road to Macworld – Dan Berube and Michael Horton Launch the 10th Year of Final Cut Pro SuperMeets

On The Road to Macworld, we consider a long-running companion event, The Final Cut Pro SuperMeet. Heading in to the 10th year of gatherings of digital video gurus, Daniel Berube and Michael...
Nathan Shedroff

MacVoices #1103: The Road to Macworld – Nathan Shedroff Explains The Surprising Things We Can Learn from Science Fiction Interfaces

Cruising at full speed on The Road to Macworld, we talk to Nathan Shedroff, Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy at the California College of the Arts, who will be discussing "Learning from Science...
David Sparks

MacVoices #1102: The Road to Macworld – David Sparks Discusses The Mac At Work and His Macworld Appearances

The trip down The Road to Macworld continues in a conversation with David Sparks, the author of the brand new Mac at Work, a book dedicated to...well, the Mac at work. David talks about...
Adam Engst

MacVoices #1101: The Road to Macworld – Adam Engst Discusses Macworld, The Mac OS X Evolution and More with CTMac

On The Road to Macworld, Adam Engst of TidBITs and Take Control ebooks and host Chuck Joiner made a virtual visit to the Connecticut Macintosh Connection to talk about the evolution of Mac OS...
Paul Kent

MacVoices #10135: The Road to Macworld – Paul Kent Covers The New Industry Forum and Updates Everything Else at Macworld

Paul Kent, Vice President and General Manager at IDG for Macworld, is back to give us an official update on The Road to Macworld that includes an introduction to the new Industry Forum at...