Jonathan Mann

MacVoices #1109: The Road to Macworld – Featured Artist Jonathan Mann On How He Stays Creative By Being Prolific

Rounding the turn and heading down the final stretch on The Road to Macworld, featured artist Jonathan Mann talks about his daily creative regimen: creating a song or video each and every day. In...
Tibor Hovath

MacVoices #1108: The Road to Macworld – Tibor Horvath Customizes Your iDevice Music with Equalizer

Our Road to Macworld series continues with a developer's eye discussion with indie app developer Tibor Horvath, the author of Equalizer and several other audio apps for your iDevice. Tibor explains the features of...
Kyle Wiens

MacVoices #1107: The Road to Macworld – Kyle Wiens Talks About iFixit’s Mission to Look Inside Everything

The Road to Macworld continues to be a busy one, this time with a conversation with Kyle Wiens, co-founder and CEO of iFixit and the main man of the feature presentation "iFixit live! The...
Anders Grunnet-Jepsen

MacVoices #1106: The Road to Macworld – Anders Grunnet-Jepsen On How The iWavit Can Remote Control Almost Anything

Taking at look at The Road to Macworld from a brand new exhibitor's perspective, Anders Grunnet-Jepsen of ThinkOptics talks about why they are coming to Macworld to show off the iWaveit for iPhone and...
Christopher Breen

MacVoices #1105: The Road to Macworld – Christopher Breen Talks About His Many Macworld Activities

The Road to Macworld takes us to Christopher Breen who might just be the busiest man at Macworld 2011. Not only is Chris delivering three different sessions, but is also producing and participating in...