Kyle Wiens

MacVoices #1107: The Road to Macworld – Kyle Wiens Talks About iFixit’s Mission to Look Inside Everything

The Road to Macworld continues to be a busy one, this time with a conversation with Kyle Wiens, co-founder and CEO of iFixit and the main man of the feature presentation "iFixit live! The...
David Sparks

MacVoices #1102: The Road to Macworld – David Sparks Discusses The Mac At Work and His Macworld Appearances

The trip down The Road to Macworld continues in a conversation with David Sparks, the author of the brand new Mac at Work, a book dedicated to...well, the Mac at work. David talks about...
Johan-Till Broer

MacVoices #1127: Macworld 2011 – Navigon Adds iPad Enhancements, Active Lane Assistant, Brand Icons and More to their Navigation App

On the show floor at at Macworld 2011, Johan-Till Broer of Navigon talks about the latest version of their iPhone and now iPad navigation app, Navigon Mobile Navigator. Now fully compatible with the iPad...
Jon Parshall

MacVoices #1119: Macworld 2011- CodeWeavers Unveils Impersonator To Run Windows Programs Without Windows

The folks at CodeWeavers decided to do something different for the release of Impersonator, the tenth edition of CrossOver Mac, and selected the show floor at Macworld 2011 to do it. CodeWeavers'' Chief Operating...
KL Chang

MacVoices #1111: Macworld 2011 – MacTiVia Puts Your Mac on The Big Screen

From the show floor at Macworld 2011, KL Chang of AWIND explains how their new product, MacTiVia, can broadcast your Mac's screen to your big-screen television without the bother of cables or physical connections. This...