MacVoices #9105: John Chaffee of BusyMac Outlines the Pro-Level Features of BusyCal

John Chaffee
John Chaffee, the President and co-founder of BusyMac, explains why you need to leave iCal far behind and use their new product, BusyCal, to manage your busy life. BusyCal solves all those little (and big) iCal issues you’ve been suffering through, syncs with your Google Calendar, and more. John discusses who the target audience is for BusyCal, why it is so simple to try out and then switch to BusyCal, and how you can go back and forth between the two seamlessly if you have the need. BusyCal improves on iCal’s to-do list capabilities, including recurring to-dos, enables user-selectable snooze periods, supports the iPhone, adds in live weather forecasts, graphics and sticky note support and much more to earn its tagline, “Think of it as iCal Pro.” John also gives us a developers-eye view of application pricing and support, how they are inter-related, how BusyMac rewards early adopters, and offers MacVoices’ listeners a 20% discount on BusyCal.


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