MacVoices #9102: Kelly Thompson of iStockPhoto Discusses Their New Legal Guarantee on Their Media Collection

Kelly Thompson
Looking for stock photography, video or audio clips, but are concerned about licensing? Kelly Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of iStockPhoto talks about the latest upgrade to their media offerings, a new “Legal Guarantee” on their entire collection. With an automatic guarantee up to $10,000, and an Extended Legal Guarantee up to $250,000 available, iStockPhoto has raised the bar on safely using stock media for your projects, especially in the microstock space. Kelly explains how the new guarantee affects both users and those who submit their media to iStockPhoto, and why they can’t implement the guarantee retroactively. Kelly also provides an introduction to Vetta, their new premium collection of “the best of the best” that is, literally, suitable for framing.


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iStockphoto Legally Guarantees All Image, Video and Audio Files in Five Million-Plus Collection