MacVoices #885: Christian Rueb of equinux Profiles Their TubeStick hybrid and The Tube Software Combination

Christian Rueb of equinux provides an overview of their new video hardware/software combination, the TubeStick hybrid and The Tube. equinux has taken a different approach to capturing and using broadcast video on your Mac, building in unique capabilities to enhance the experience. Sure, you can record and take your programs with you on your iPod or iPhone, but that’s just the start. The Tube includes a social network component where you can connect with others watching what you watch, a way to publish your recordings to a podcast feed so you can access them when you’re away from your Mac, and much more. Christian discusses all of this, and their newest feature, sharing your video over iChat.


equinux TubeStick Hybrid ATSC TV receiver for Mac and PC