MacVoices #880: Gordon Bell of Joesoft Covers Hear, Their New Digital Audio Processing Software

Gordon Bell

Gordon Bell, the General Manager for JoeSoft talks about the release of Hear, their digital signal processing utility that makes all the sound coming out of your Mac better. Music, movies, television, video games…they all sound better with Hear. Gordon talks about how Hear benefits from the experience of an Emmy-nominated sound professional and gives presets that will automatically make your speakers or headphones sound better, regardless of how good they are to start with. If would do the adjustments yourself, Hear provides an extensive set of controls and settings. Gordon also talks about competitive upgrade options, why some programs like Hear are better as stand-alone applications rather than plug-ins to iTunes, and how the support philosophy of Joesoft (and Prosoft Engineering) are different from many others in the industry.


Hear By Joesoft

Jax From Joesoft

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