MacVoices #24145: NAB – The Newest Lav and Podcast Mics from Shure

From NAB in Las Vegas, Laura Davidson, Senior Market Development Manager for Shure demonstrated the MoveMic, a direct-to-phone wireless lavalier microphone with noise reduction and high pass filters, available in different kits. Laura also shows us the capabilities of the Shure MV7+ microphone, featuring USB-C and XLR outputs, auto level mode, denoiser, popper stopper, high pass filter, a customizable LED display, and the accompanying MOTIV Mix app.

Show Notes:


00:02 Introduction at NAB 2024
00:52 Introducing MoveMic
02:19 MoveMic Features and Functionality
04:48 MV7 Plus Overview and Features
06:26 MV7 Plus LED Customization
08:02 Website and Conclusion


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