MacVoices #24144: NAB – Turn Your iPhone Into A Ninja iPhone

In the Atomos booth at NAB in Las Vegas, Shaki Prasanna, Creative Collaboration Director, explained how their Ninja Phone product transforms an iPhone into a high-quality monitor and recorder with the features of the traditional Ninja devices. The device enhances functionality by providing input/output connections for ProRes or H.265 recording directly onto the iPhone. While not intended to replace professional recording devices, Ninja Phone offers convenience for shooting, editing, and publishing content to social media. Shaki highlighted its versatility with accessories, various recording formats, and advanced features while maintaining user-friendliness. 

Show Notes:


00:02 Introduction at NAB 2024.
00:54 Ninja Phone Features and Functionality
02:27 Connectivity and Power Options.
03:53 Recording Options and Post-Production Benefits.
04:24 Ease of Use for iPhone Users.


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