MacVoices #23266: A 20th Anniversary Take Control Authors Reunion (3)

The 20th Anniversary gathering of Take Control authors wraps up with reflections on the early days of Take Control Books and the collaborative editing process.  Joe Kissell, Adam and Tonya Engst, Jeff CarlsonJosh CentersMichael E. Cohen, Scott KnasterTed LandauKirk McElhearnMatt Neuburg, and Jeff Porten discuss the importance of incorporating different viewpoints, and the contributions of copy editors and software developers are highlighted. The panel touches on writing a Take Control book about AI, using AI to do it, and why it won’t happen. How and why Take Control books are discontinued is explained, and Joe wraps up with information on the 20th Anniversary Sale.

Show Notes:


0:02:06 Different Perspectives and Sponsored Books
0:05:48 The Power of Stories in Engaging Guests
0:07:30 Leading-Edge Topics and Historical Relevance
0:10:58 Reflecting on the Past and Stories to Tell
0:14:51 Selling books on outdated operating systems
0:16:40 Deleting outdated titles from the website
0:17:25 Outdated Titles and Customer Awareness
0:18:42 Challenges with outdated software and discontinuing low-performing books
0:20:02 Exploring the possibility of writing a book on AI
0:22:21 Mixed experiences with chat GPT’s accuracy and humorous outcomes
0:24:17 Using ChatGPT for Writing Inspiration and Research
0:26:11 Celebrating 20th Anniversary with Special Sale Announcement
0:27:30 Thanking the Community for Creating a Wonderful Environment
0:28:06 Thanking Joe for Organizing the Anniversary Celebration.


  • Jeff Carlson
  • Josh Centers
  • Michael E. Cohen
  • Adam Engst
  • Tonya Engst
  • Joe Kissell
  • Scott Knaster
  • Ted Landau
  • Kirk McElhearn
  • Matt Neuburg
  • Jeff Porten


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